Our Staff

Melissa Gillen, LVT

Melissa is our Head Technician. She is a licensed technician and has been here since October of 2005. She is a 2004 graduate of the Suffolk Community College Veterinary Technician program. Currently Melissa shares her life with her husband, son, dog names Scrappy and three cats – Lil man, Skylar and Casper. On her time off Melissa enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.


Eileen Hughesadbbe3da-c305-4b7c-969d-f2a7f0fa6cb3

Eileen is our longstanding Veterinary Technician, and has been with our practice since April of 2000. With 23 years experience she brings a wealth of knowledge to our hospital. Eileen also helps out our grooming department once in a while and will attempt to groom your cat without sedation. She enjoys fostering cats and kittens, and spends some of her free time at the Southampton Town Shelter where she grooms the resident dogs. At home she has 8 cats, 4 dogs, and 3 hamsters!


Melinda Matthews, LVT16848a3e-03e0-4987-ac85-cd935c5bcf5a

Melinda has been with us since April 2010. She has returned to the Veterinary field after taking a few years off to raise her two beautiful children. Melinda loves photography, hiking, and sailing. She and her husband, a former marine, live in East Quogue with their three rescue dogs, Kaya a Malamute, and Desna and Suka both Husky/Shep Mixes.


Maria Gatto, LVT696f8a05-806f-44a2-8acd-8936274afa2d

Maria has been with us since May 2011. She came to us straight out of the Suffolk Community Veterinary Technician program. She is excited to be able to work with us and follow her passion. She is currently awaiting getting her Veterinary Technician license and we wish her luck!


Amanda Alverman, LVT

Amanda is from Pigeon Forge, TN and has been a member of the SAH team since June of 2017. She loves the human-animal bond and has a special interest in dentistry. Amanda loves to go on adventures with her husband and enjoys kayaking, biking, hiking and going to the beach. She has many fur-babies at home including two cats named Joey and Nigel as well as Munchkin, a teddy bear hamster.


Barbara Krecko696f8a05-806f-44a2-8acd-8936274afa2d

Kennel Attendant
Barbara has been a member of the SAH team since July of 2015. She loves animals and particularly enjoys watching after boarding guests so that people know their pets are safe when they are away. She proudly supports law enforcement and veterans and donates to support those groups whenever she can. Barbara also has an interest in ferrets and ferret rescues. She and her her husband have two rescue cats, Skunk and Gozer, as well three ferrets, Loki, Ludo and Pogo.


Priscilla Figueroa

Priscilla has been a member of the SAH team since 2015. She studied biology at Nassau Community College an as always had a love for animals and an interest in veterinary medicine. In her free time, she fosters kittens and also shares her life with her partner and son as well as five full-time cats: Mya, Smokey, Gidget, Stormy and Skyy.


Rochina Ahrens696f8a05-806f-44a2-8acd-8936274afa2d

Rochina is one of the newest members of the SAH team, joining in January of 2018. She enjoys horseback riding, boating, traveling and volunteering at the senior center. She and her husband Bill share their lives with a turtle named Speedy, a horse named Jet, two cats (Jasmine and Missy) and two dogs (Gordo and Splash)… oh, and don’t forget the goldfish, David!


Amy Molnara4d907f3-7160-457f-a304-3a89bd90ef45

Office Manager
Amy has been a staff member of the Shinnecock Animal Hospital since June of 1998. Starting out as a receptionist and working her way up the ladder she now heads our personnel and overlooks the daily operations of the hospital. Amy first started working here while attending Long Island University, Southampton College, fell in love with the area and decided to settle here. She currently resides in Hampton Bays with her husband Justin and their sons Brendyn and Conner. They share their home with four dogs, five cats, a rabbit, and some fish!


Front Desk Coordinator312b7d5b-8223-4623-84c8-931ea2d8671c

Amelia the Cat
We can’t leave out one of the most important jobs in the hospital, our front desk coordinator. Amelia keeps us all in tip-top shape and makes sure that hospital business is humming, That is, unless she’s napping.