Dr Molnar and the staff at Shinnecock Animal Hospital are amazing!! They have been with us through two of our dogs passing and our new puppy entering iur lives. Great care, great advice there is no where else we would go!! – Maria

Great staff, took care of making my cat’s journey to the other side painless and merciful. Thanks again for your compassion and care!! – Mauricio

Thank you so much Dr. Molnar for giving Parker his health back. I didn’t know dogs could get a herniated disk and you gave him a great diagnostic and sent us home with the right medication – he was doing a (well supervised) jig in 2 days after seeing you. Your vet techs are awesome too! Thanks! – Denise

Our favorite animal hospital! My girls LOVE Dr. Molnar and all the wonderful vet techs. Our girls are always greeted with a smile and a cookie! Great place! – Kim

All the staff at Shinnecock Animal Hospital are unbelievable. My dog had a bad infection and had to be medically boarded while they got it under control. Dr. Molnar came in on his day off to check on him. He treated my dog like he was his own. They put him in his own exam room for the days, so he would have his own space. Unbelievable affection and attention. Thank you! – Bryan