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Its Canine Flue Season

Just like people, dogs can get cold viruses and bacterial infections. With increased boarding, daycare and travel around the holidays, the chances are greater your dog will be exposed to these viruses, including the canine flu (CIV).

When infected, dogs experience fever, coughing, sneezing and a general unwell feeling. While the symptoms of most of these infections are similar, CIV tends to be more severe. In older dogs and those with chronic conditions, this illness can lead to secondary infections and even death. Canines are not immune to CIV, and both strains of the virus—H3N2 and H3N8—are highly contagious.

Preventing exposure is crucial, especially for elder dogs and those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions. SAH now stocks a vaccine that protects against both strains of CIV, and it should be administered annually.

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